Q1:  How long does it take to complete repair job ?

A:  As an engineer the only honest answer I can give  is : I have no idea.
     Intercom door entry systems  are fairly complex multi-wire installations shared by many flats.
    It is not unusual that problem that manifests itself in one flat is caused by fault in different flat.


Q: Can you give me quote for repair job?

A: No I can not. Reason for this is that until I finish job I have no way to tell how long is going to take and what elements
    I will have to replace.

    However to reduce stress on customer and myself I will always give max cost of repair that I expect customer to be
    prepared for.


Q: Can you provide quote for installation job ?

A: Yes


Q: What is the warranty on repairs ?

A: After repair job is done  system is NOT  covered by warranty as only newly installed ones are.
    However any replaced elements are covered by 12 months warranty


Q: But other companies  offer 1 year workmanship warranty why don't you ?

A: Because  I do not have to offer this kind of warranty in order for you to be entitled to it.

    " 1 YEAR WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY" is marketing gimmick.
    If  customer believes that my job is substandard than it is his/her right to demand necessary corrections to be made.
    Customer has 5 years to rise the issue in court should she/he decided to pursue this path..
    So offering 1 year workmanship warranty is not a good deal at all.

    "WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY" covers all faults that may arise as result of improper installation.
    Example here could be fitting door panel in place where it is exposed to rain without proper seal if manufacturer's
    documentation requires it.


Q:   You fixed my door entry system 2 months ago and it does not work again will it be covered under warranty ?

A: If fault is caused by any part that was replaced during my initial visit than yes. Otherwise answer i NO it is not covered.


Q: : What daisy chained system means ?

 A:   It is dirty word in world of security system's installers. It means that flats instead of having their own
    individual connection to communal part of the system are connected to each other.
    Meaning that Door Panel is connected to Flat1.  Flat 1 is connected to Flat 2 . Flat 2 to Flat 3 and so on.

    Although this way of installing intercoms is not illegal but solving any problem in a future will require
    access to all flats simultaneously for unspecified number of hours.

    Some companies refuse point blanc to even deal with this kind of systems.